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Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department

Buckhorn Flood Recon Flight


On 9/19 I took a recon flight over the Buckhorn Canyon from the Ranger Station to Big Bear road.  This album shows those photos in sequence.  For most photos the caption (displayed on the right when you click on a photo or below the photo during a slide show) describes where the photo was taken.  The quality of the photos is not great- hard to take great photos through a helicopter window- but it allows you to see the road condition (or lack of road).

Floods of 2013

Last year - when we survived the High Park fire we knew that we may face flooding issues in 2013.  Little did we know that 2013 would be a year when we would have record flooding - what may be a 100 year event.  This event has impacted many areas in Colorado - thousands are displaced.  The RCVFD area is no different except that maybe folks here are a bit more seasoned.  The floods have been a challenge - most roads are destroyed.  Focus has been on keeping Rist Canyon Road open - but even that is a battle.  Kudos to Larimer County Road and Bridge who have been true heros - working long, hard and in dangerous conditions.IMG_20130913_142036_559_small

The rain started late Wednesday night (9/11).  Most of RCVFD was at our regular fire training - but as the training ended, the rain started beginning.  During those first few hours we managed minor issues - the kinds we've been dealing with during much of the summer.  Flooding that closes the road for a few hours, damages some spots.  Over the next 48 hours we received between 11 and 13 inches of rain.  Continous, steady and unrelenting.

Most side roads in our area were closed - but we managed.

The most damage occured on Thursday night - I think - (it is a blur).  That night we lost the Buckhorn, Stove Prairie Road and Rist Canyon Road (major damage).  Power and phone went down.  Many people were cut off - unable to get in or out.  

In the RCVFD area - we had been stressing and training for flooding - an expectation due to the High Park fire.  It paid off.  People were more prepared to weather the storm - shelter in place.  

Still - we face, again, an uphill battle.  Check out the RCVFD Facebook page for a few pictures.

Also check out the Community Alerts on the RCVFD webpage.  We also encourage you to subscribe to the Community Alerts email list.

RCVFD Community Alerts

RCVFD Volunteer Wes Rutt has long maintained the "RCVFD Community Alert" email list.  This list is used to send out emergency or community urgent information (never 'general' or 'advertisements') .  The RCVFD Community Alert is now maintained through the RCVFD web pages.  This means you can subscribe and unsubscribe here, and you can read previous alerts here.  To subscribe click on Community Alerts above.

How is RCVFD Funded?

Rist Canyon VFD is a donation based volunteer fire department.  We are not a Fire Protection District and receive no tax funds.  

RCVFD is staffed purely by Volunteers - whether fire fighters or admin (BOD) and others, nobody get's paid and we always need new people

RCVFD has two primary funding mechanisms:

  • Direct Dontations:  These are donations from residents, land owners, visiters, etc - people who recognize the value RCVFD brings and want to help. 
    • Note: RCVFD does not charge for services and there is no connection between your donation and any emergency response.  Indeed, RCVFD emergency responders do not know if you have donated or not - we just respond to 911 calls.  If you receive help from RCVFD during an emergency and have not supported RCVFD with a donation, consider making a special dontation today. 
    • Donations to RCVFD are tax exempt.
  • Special Fund Raising Events - such as the RCVFD Moutain Festival and Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction.
Have you donated?  If not - do so today.
You can donate to RCVFD by sending a check to:
RCVFD - Treasurer
PO Box 2
Bellvue, CO 80512


RCVFD Responders

  • They participate and attend training for safety, wildland fire, structure fire, MVA extrication, vehicle file, EMS (medical) response, hazmat, propane fire, electrical emergency, traffic control SCBA, emergency vehicle driving and general emergency management.  To participate they are required to attend a set amount of training.


  • RCVFD responders are on call 24/7.  They are paged by Larimer County Sheriff's dispatch (the people who answer when you dial 911) and respond as available.
  • RCVFD does not maintain "on call" crews.  We are all on call.


  • RCVFD operates 10 emergency vehicles out of 3 stations and one additional location (Buckhorn).

Subscribe to RCVFD Community Alerts

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