RCVFD Station Information and Coverage

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If your insurance company has questions about the RCVFD apparatus - here is a brief description:

Engine Location Description
E611 Station 1 E611 is our primary station engine/rescue.  It rolls 1st out on all fires except wildland (E613 may roll 1st on wildland depending on location).  E611 is a CAFS (compress air foam system) equipped truck that carries 350 gallons of water.  The CAFS system effectively extends the water by making it more effective so the truck is as effective as one carrying 1250- 3500 gallons.  CAFS is 5 to 10 times more effective than straight water depending on how we set the system.  E611 also carries:  SCBA, extrication (jaws of life), 15kW generator, CO/Combustible Gas Detector, structure ladders, medical gear, thermal imaging camera.  Because classification does not account for CAFS, this truck is classified as a Type 6x ('x' means 4x4), however, it is far more effective than a 6x.  The CAFS system is intended both for structure fire attack and wildland fire attack.
E613 Station 1 E613 is a Type 6x wildland engine - 250 gallons water with diesel pump.  The 'x' designation means 4x4.
E412 Station 1 E412 is a Type 4x engine. It carries 1000 gallons water.  This truck is 2nd out on a structure call and as needed on wildland.
E313 Station 1 E313 is a Type 3x engine. It carries 700 gallons water and has a larger pump than the Type 4x.  
M1 Station 1 M1 is our ambulance and primary medical response vehicle. We don't transport patients directly to the hospital, but we can do a "patient shuttle" to rendezvous with an ALS ambulance or helicopter and provide medical care along the way. It is a very capable 4wd vehicle, so it travels into parts of our response area that would be unsafe for a UCH or TV ambulance to attempt.
E632 Station 3 E632 mirrors E611 from station 1.
E631 Station 3 E631 mirrors E613 from station 1.
E433 Station 3 E433 mirrors E412 from station 1 except it has slightly less capacity (900 gallons).
E641 Station 4 E641 mirrors E613 from station 1.
E642 Station 4 E642 is a upgraded Type 6x.  Like E632 and E611 it carries SCBA, ladders, etc. E642 is not CAFS equipped.
M14 Staged M14 is our "QRT" medical response vehicle.  Most people think of it as an ambulance - but it is licensed as a QRT.  M14 can carry patients, but its task is to transport the patient to the ambulance/helicopter - not to the hospital. We have it staged at the residence of one of our EMTs on the west side of Ford Hill to improve response times to that part of our response area.
E15 Staged E15 is a crew truck, and is staged at the residence of one of our EMTs in Davis Ranch to improve response times to that area.

Station 1 is located at 11835 Rist Canyon Road

Station 3 is located at 17457 Rist Canyon Road

Station 4 is located at 109 Ridge Row Drive, and is currently working on receiving ISO 9 certification

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Station 1 Station 3 Station 4

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RCVFD responds to primary fire andmedical response area of 105 square miles with a mutual area adding 70 sq miles. RCVFD operates 10 apparatus out of 3 permanent stations and one summer only location. A forth permanent station and additional apparatus are planned. RCVFD serves a rugged and mountainous area to the North West of Fort Collins, CO. While the address of RCVFD and many of RCVFD’s residents is “Bellvue, CO”, it should be noted that the town of Bellvue is not located in RCVFD’s response area and does not represent anything but the nearest post office. Many of the addresses in the south west portion of RCVFD’s response area are similarly Masonville and Loveland addresses – but again, none of those towns are in RCVFD’s area. In fact, RCVFD does not include any incorporated areas – and is not a special district.