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RCVFD Board Meetings (4)

The RCVFD Board of Directors is comprised of community members helping with the business of running our volunteer fire department. They approve budgets, oversee expenditures, fundraise, and represent residents on the third Wednesday of each month. These regular meetings are open to the public, but since the events of 2020 they have been moved from Station 1 to an online Zoom meeting to facilitate social distancing and maintain all attendees' health and safety. If you would like to attend, drop the current Board President  a line and he/she will ensure that you receive the connection details.

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RCVFD is a 100% donation-based volunteer fire department.  We achieve this through  donations grants, and various fund raising events.  Since RCVFD is a 501(c)3 all donations are tax-deductible.  From the construction of our firehouses, the purchases of equipment and clothing all the way to our volunteers that are on the front lines, RCVFD provides a model what can happen when a community supports and cares for its fire department.
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Station 4, which burned in the High Park Fire in 2012, had its grand opening in Whale Rock on October 13, 2015. Thanks to all those who donated time, effort, and materials to make rebuilding Station 4 a reality. Special thanks go to FCI Constructors and RMMI.


Station 4 houses engines 641 and 642, and is designed to meet ISO 9 certification requirements. That means that residents in the Whale Rock area may be able to get significant breaks on their home insurance. We are currently working on formally receiving that ISO 9 certification. Once it's complete, talk to your insurance agent!


For more information on our fire stations and the equipment at each one, have a look at Homeowner Information.

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